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PLG False Starts
PLG False Starts with Tatiana Morozova

PLG False Starts with Tatiana Morozova

Unpacking PLG Successes and Stumbles with Tatiana: MongoDB, ClickUp and ServiceNow.

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In this episode of the Product-Led Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the insightful Tatiana, who joined us from ClickUp as part of the PLG False Start series of the ProductLed Podcast.

During our conversation, Tatiana delved into her fascinating entry into growth work, which began in advertising agencies before she transitioned to the business side, making waves at renowned companies like Trustpilot, MongoDB, ServiceNow and ClickUp.

She opened up about her experience spearheading an experimentation program at MongoDB, painting a vivid picture of how they transformed from siloed teams with varied processes to achieving some level of scale. One intriguing experiment she mentioned was about prioritizing MongoDB Atlas on their download page, which led to intriguing results that pointed towards user confusion.

Tatiana also shed light on a unique challenge they faced at MongoDB. They aimed to engage adjacent users through educational content and classes, but the outcomes were not as anticipated, prompting them to pivot their strategies.

She also shared another story about MongoDB's rebranding efforts and the challenges they encountered with their campaign, revealing the complexities of creating a clear and compelling product message, and how they tested and ultimately decided not to move forward with it.

But our discussion wasn't limited to MongoDB. Tatiana provided valuable insights into her experience integrating PLG at ServiceNow, a predominantly enterprise sales-driven company. She emphasized the crucial aspects of PLG, like the patience it demands, the significance of full C-level support, and the need to overcome internal barriers.

To wrap up our engaging conversation, she underscored the pivotal role of sales in PLG, sharing lessons from ServiceNow about the benefits of involving the sales team early in the process.

All in all, our discussion was filled with invaluable lessons and real-world case studies, offering a rich tapestry of Tatiana's experiences with PLG strategies across diverse companies. I believe our listeners will find a wealth of insights to draw from this episode.

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PLG False Starts
Hey there, it's your host here, welcoming you to the "Product Led False Starts" podcast by We've got a real treat for you – it's a raw, unfiltered look at the roller coaster ride that is embarking on a Product Led Growth (PLG) journey. We get up close and personal with a slew of incredible folks – savvy entrepreneurs, product whizzes, and trailblazers – who've had their share of stumbles and soaring successes in the PLG realm.
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